The Foundation

With a new focus and commitment to family, football and the community, the future is bright for Michael. He is forging an incomparable legacy as Founder and President of Team Vick Foundation, along with his continued great work with the Humane Society of the United States relating to Animal Welfare, the launch of his sports apparel line “V7”, and looking forward to becoming a published author with the release of his autobiography, ‘Finally Free’. He is the proud father of Mitez, Jada and London and is poised for a great 2012 NFL campaign with his wife, Kiafa, supporting him every step of the way.

Team Vick Foundation is committed to being a constant, ever-present voice and support system for people in need. Many of us will lose our way and make mistakes at some point in our life. Sometimes because of unforeseen circumstances we may find ourselves in need of assistance or on a “road” we never expected. Our decisions, mistakes and lessons learned impact not just us – but our children, parents and communities. Team Vick Foundation helps strengthen our communities by working to collectively become better global citizens willing to SHARE, INSPIRE AND ENCOURAGE one another to DIG DEEPER.

Called into existence to respond to the real and immediate needs of underserved young people, aging adults and families. Team Vick Foundation, its partners, supporters, initiatives, programs and events, bridge the gaps between donors and communities to promote hope and enhance the quality of life for those that reside in socially and economically under-represented neighborhoods. 

Team Vick Foundation is strengthened by an unwavering commitment to transforming lives of underserved young people, aging adults and families with a deliberate focus on Community Outreach, Life Skills and Leadership Development, as well as Nutrition & Wellness Lifestyles. Our goal is to create opportunities to form lasting and meaningful friendships through community ties and to strengthen family relationships. 

Digging Deep To Help Those In NeedOf A Second Chance

Team Vick Foundation strives to help provide opportunities that effectively lead efforts for positive social change.


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