Team Vick Foundation will work with hundreds of young people, adolescents, and aging adults across America through its preventive, intervention and emergency service initiatives to help them have more balanced lives. We have both short and long-term programs that meet the direct needs of those in need of assistance most.


Team Vick Foundation education programs focus on academic and cultural enrichment. By offering programs and initiatives that foster a love of reading, writing and speaking, TVF works with community partners to help develop well-rounded students. TVF offers signature programs including, but not limited to: TVF Great Backpacks, our official Literary/Essay contests, and several other educational initiatives essential to young people’s academic development. Additionally, we integrate social and creative services and cultural programs that are accessible to children and affordable for their families.


Team Vick Foundation offers sports programs that are strategically designed to challenge young people while also providing fundamental team building and character building skills. Our programs address many of the issues that plague young people including peer pressure. We prepare students for excellence in sports and beyond by helping them reach their full potential and achieving their dreams. We help children believe in themselves while instilling character-building qualities such as hard work, team building and discipline. The purpose of the charitable programs and special events of the organization is to generate awareness and resources with a focus on promoting educational, athletic, health, social and community service programs with a particular focus on youth and communities in need of hope and encouragement. The Team Vick Foundation offers year-round programs and support for those in need of it most.


Team Vick Foundation works to support families in need, and often times, in transition. By providing financial, emotional and other resources and support, Team Vick Foundation works to grow stronger families that work together through the challenges and issues in their families and communities.


Young people face more challenges than ever before, including more health-related problems, depression and mental health, peer pressure and issues of acceptance, as well as other environmental and cultural issues. Team Vick Foundation is working with community partners to ensure that we do our part to enrich the lives of young people in underserved neighborhoods.


A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. We have so many heroes who have dedicated their lives and time to make the world a better place. Team Vick Foundation is committed to creating programs that support and enhance the lives of aging adults and elders who have contributed to our lives, nation and world.