Community Outreach


Implement and manage effective ‘Emergency Services and Community’ campaigns, projects and initiatives that meet identified immediate social concerns and human care needs of individuals in underserved communities. We believe promotion of services, coupled with maintaining high visibility throughout the effected neighborhoods, utilizing innovative social marketing techniques designed to remove the stigma associated with ‘reaching out for help’ fosters increased community involvement.

EFAM   Program   (Emergency   Family   Assistance   Module)

Look Up – is an emergency service initiative that offers assistance to those in immediate need of maintaining essentials that are necessary to their quality of life and well-being to include groceries, retention of utilities and housing.

The Children & Youth Affect – is an outreach campaign designed to engage targeted communities, introduce Foundation services and meet disadvantaged individuals where they are.

Community Fair – is an outreach initiative where we invite local merchants and entrepreneurs to come out and set up booths to display their products and services as Team Vick promotes and celebrates its presence in the community. In addition to a great community day filled with entertainment and activities, we distribute clothing items such as coats, jackets, shoes, socks and underclothes to children and youth.

Back Packs-to-School – is an outreach initiative where we promote the importance of education and encourage young people to perform well in school, we also distribute backpacks and school supplies.

Holiday Food Giveaway – is an outreach initiative that allows Team Vick Foundation to sustain its presence in the community, where we distribute turkeys and a other related grocery items to families in need.

Holiday Toy Drive – is a continued outreach initiative where we collect and distribute toys and gifts to children and youth for Christmas.

IMPACT Plays Campaign – is a matching gifts fund-raising initiative, based on the impact plays of Michael Vick. IMPACT (Individual Movements of Professional Athletes Changing Things) Plays, are based on position performance. Every “impact play” equates to a specified dollar amount that will be donated – on behalf of Team Vick Foundation and is matched by related sponsorship association for corporate donors, partner agencies and individuals that support the ongoing Community Revitalization projects, Food Crisis programs and Emergency Service initiatives of Team Vick Foundation.