Life Skills


Implement and manage effective ‘Esteem Building and Skills’ campaigns, programs, projects and initiatives that meet identified immediate social concerns and human care needs that benefit children and youth in underserved communities.  We believe promotion of services coupled with maintaining high visibility throughout the effected neighborhoods fosters increased community involvement.

Good character and values are important and an integral part of everything we do, from child care, wellness, youth programs to family services. By teaching, enforcing, advocating, and modeling the Seven Pillars of Character, we build strong children and youth, strong families, and a strong community.

Heavily rooted in integrity of character and the nobility of reaching back once a certain level of individual success has been achieved, Team Vick Foundation demonstrates Accountability, Care, Citizenship, Fairness, Respect, Responsibility and Trustworthiness throughout the community and expects no less than the same from its participants and affected communities.  During the intake process for specific programs and services, clients will be asked to adhere to the “Character Counts” creed and “Code of Conduct” of Team Vick Foundation. Individuals agree to sign a commitment letter which outlines their intent to not only benefit from services offered but to also participate in, volunteer as well as contribute to various activities, programs and services which further personal independence and assist in enhancing their community and affecting the lives of their neighbors.


TEAM   Project  (Together   Everyone   Achieves   More)

TEAM After-School Camp – is a development initiative where we provide daily out-of-school time care, which includes homework completion, tutoring, light recreation and esteem building.

TEAM Sports Camp – is a skills initiative designed to offer children and youth no cost opportunities to engage in fundamental football skills camps facilitated by professional athletes, as well as community-based leagues and organizations.

TEAM Sports Camp/Financial Literacy – is an important developmental component to the TEAM Sports Camp initiative where we introduce the concepts of financial management, the importance of checking and savings accounts, share important facts about taxes, and expose the realities about credit cards.

Varsity TEAM/College Readiness – is a development initiative where we provide preparation resources for high school seniors that aspire to attend two or four-year colleges and universities. Students are prepped on mandatory requirements and introduced to necessary tools that will assist in their pursuit of continuing their education.

Varsity TEAM/Scholarship Awards – is a development initiative where we honor academic and athletic achievement through a variety of approaches intended to provoke interest and inspire participation.

PAIR Program (Personal Acceptance of Individual Responsibility) – is a two-fold developmental program. The first component being a mentoring resource designed to connect disadvantaged young adults and disadvantaged children and youth (particularly those with incarcerated parents) with caring individuals who offer guidance, support and encouragement aimed at developing the competence and character of the mentee. These structured and trusting relationships offer new hope and reassure young people of their potential to succeed in life and make positive contributions to society. The second component being a Workforce Preparation and Training component designed to assist young people and single parents in enhancing or gaining competitive career skills individuals that support the ongoing Community Revitalization projects, Food Crisis programs and Emergency Service initiatives of Team Vick Foundation.


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